Acro for Cheerleaders class will work on tumbling, jumps,
and flexibility to strengthen overall cheer performance.

8 weeks- Thursdays- 4:15-5:15pm- 6/11-7/30 $160/$22 drop ins

Beginner/Intermediate - The perfect class for cheerleaders looking to learn or strengthen basic tumbling and jumps. Skills covered will consist of forward rolls through hand springs, including handstand, cartwheel, round off, bridge kickovers, back and front walkovers and hand springs.

8 weeks- Thursdays/ 5:15-6:15pm- 6/11-7/30 $160/$22 drop ins

Intermediate / Advanced - Class is geared towards more advanced jumps and tumbling skills and combinations. Skills covered consists of backhand through back tucks, including standing back handspring and tucks, aerials, and power tumbling combinations round off, back handspring. Cheerleaders should be able to do front and back walkovers without a spot, and a back hand spring with a light spot.